An Immersive Re-Imagining of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

We Will Return in the Spring delves into Chekhov’s iconic work, The Cherry Orchard, through an interdisciplinary approach that blends theatre, movement, music, installation, and particularly, audience immersion. Audiences are invited to join the family in welcoming home their beloved matriarch. As the festivities turn sour, and the imminent loss of the estate looms near, the world of the play cracks open, luring the audience into the subconscious world of Chekhov’s characters. We Will Return in the Spring is an opportunity to see past the seemingly flawless beauty of the cherry blossoms, dig into the soil, and expose what is poisoning the orchard at its roots.


A project of Kaimera Productions
In association with Mipana Company

Created and adapted by Simón Adinia Hanukai with the ensemble
Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai
Assistant Direction by Ariane Raynaud
Music Direction by Alexis Pivot

The ensemble:

Nicolas Giret-Famin
Pamina de Hauteclocque
Eva Carmen Jarriau
June McGrane
Alexis Pivot
Ariane Raynaud
Lena Rondé
Guillaume Tagnati

Filming and editing by Philippe Katan
Photos by Philippe Katan et Gregory Jaillard
Credits by Gregory Jaillard

A special thank you to the Château de Belloy Saint Leonard