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   Bottom's Dream - Prague 2019

    Footsbarn Travelling Theatre           

Mingling with Molière - France 2017

          Footsbarn Travelling Theatre

                   Tent Building

     Clonakilty Guitar Festival 2018    

           Parade - Cootehill 2017

       Footsbarn Travelling Theatre

            Come On Up To The House

          Footsbarn Travelling Theatre

Videos by Tony Wadham on

June has been working with Footsbarn Travelling Theatre for the past five years. She plays the roles of Titania in Bottom's Dream - an adaption of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream, Dorimène in Mingling with Molière - an adaption of Molière's Le Mariage Forcé and La Jalousie du Barbouillé and in Footsbarn’s latest creation, The Crock of Gold,  Cathleen and the Thin Woman. The work is ensemble based, June also plays various masked roles in the productions and has composed music for the shows, sings and plays guitar. Footsbarn Travelling Theatre, founded in 1971, is one of the world’s leading touring companies performing for the most part in one of its circus big tops but also in theatres throughout the world. Footsbarn Travelling Theatre was born from a dream to create a form of theatre that is popular, generous, professional yet accessible to all. To take theatre out of the limits of established buildings and bring it closer to the local population, to farms, beaches, streets and village squares. The company is renowned for its exciting adaptations of classics such as Shakespeare & Moliere, transcending the barrier of language with its unique blend of visual theatre, music and magic. In fifty years, Footsbarn has created over 60 productions and travelled to the six continents.

"Footsbarn is a theatre festival unto itself, a wonderfully eclectic mixture of styles and influences, of nationalities and cultures, all melded into a seamlessly fluid torrent of pure theatre....“
Irish Times, Fintan O'Toole

"Footsbarn’s influence can be detected in a subsequent generation of companies. Without Footsbarn, we may never have had Complicite, Kneehigh and Told by an Idiot: companies which reach out across the footlights and embrace the audience, recognising that circus and clowning are not dirty words.“ The Guardian, Lyn Gardner


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Cie Mamaille has existed since 2001. Specialising initially in musical theatre, it subsequently invented original poetic shows with a very strong dimension in clown. Mamaille has generated over ten shows - ranging from radio plays,, operetta and theatre, to an orchestra of 15 musicians. Mamaille is currently on a path where, despite music being very much present in  the work, theatre predominates. Hélène Géhin took over the artistic direction (shared until then with Ivan Gruselle). Current and future projects are nourished by original work; text, adaptation, masked play and musical writing. Hélène Géhin confronts a seemingly clownish view with deep serious themes. Through her clown’s gaze, focused on universal issues, Hélène Géhin armed with both absurdity and lightness confronts our deep questions on life, rendering these questions accessible with the laughter and humor that she instills in them.



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            We Will Return In The Spring

Festival Les Traversées du Marais 2019

Video by Gregory Jaillard

            We Will Return In The Spring

Château de Belloy, Saint Leonard 2018

Video by Philippe Katan


June has been collaborating with Kaimera Productions in association with Mipana Company for this immersive re-Imagining of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. She plays Liubov. We Will Return in the Spring delves into Chekhov’s iconic work, The Cherry Orchard, through an interdisciplinary approach that blends theatre, movement, music, installation, and particularly, audience immersion. Audiences are invited to join the family in welcoming home their beloved matriarch. As the festivities turn sour, and the imminent loss of the estate looms near, the world of the play cracks open, luring the audience into the subconscious world of Chekhov’s characters. We Will Return in the Spring is an opportunity to see past the seemingly flawless beauty of the cherry blossoms, dig into the soil, and expose what is poisoning the orchard at its roots.


Kaimera is an international company based in New York City and Paris, with ongoing projects in the United States, France, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and India. The company creates original performances and live experiences that blend theatre, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts and more. Along with presenting work in traditional performance spaces, we often choose more unconventional settings, such as abandoned locations, historical monuments, public spaces.......                                                     



Cinémorphe, founded in 2013 by Romilly Walton Masters, pushes the boundaries of immersive theatre by creating shows that are part performance, part installation and part social gatherings. The company place the audience at the heart of the action, inviting them to create, with the artists, experiences that contextualize and layer the work. The Paris-based Cinémorphe team consists of film and theatre directors, visual artists, sound artists, fashion designers, performance artists, musicians and dancers. We break down the distinction between performers and audience and create an environment in which all are invited to play across the artistic disciplines. We are an international company who perform in both English and French.


I write it out in a verse —
MacDonagh and MacBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.   

W B Yeats

Filmed by Dennis Connolly

Based on an original concept by Romilly Walton Masters, Nineteen Twenty Sixteen was an immersive, site-specific theatre experience that transformed the Centre Culturel Irlandais of Paris into Dublin and France in 1916. Inspired by historical events, ancient mythologies and the epic nature of human conflict, and a social commemoration and incisive look into the human experience of rebellion, war, survival and compassion, Nineteen Twenty Sixteen followed the stories of two Dublin brothers and their divergent journeys.

June played their mother,  Aisling O’Rourke.

Distant Music, inspired by James Joyce’s The Dead, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, December 2013.

Directed by Romilly Walton Masters.
« tres beau spectacle»,

« fantastique !», 

« absolutely loved it !», « originale», « the most extraordinary night of the last 2 years ».


Viideo by Dennis Connolly

Figaroscope described Cinémorphe's first show as 'mind blowing' and their following two events were sold out hits. For their fourth adventure Cinémorphe invite you to join them in an immersive theatre experience inspired by Fellini's masterpiece 8½. Prepare to be surprised and amused in this unique participative experience that explores the hidden spaces of the iconic Ciné XIII theatre.

June played the role of Marla Anselmi, the wife of the infamous director Guido Anselmi for 4 ¼ and 2⅛ inspired by Fellini's 8 ½.

Filmed by Dennis Connolly

La Cie Solentiname - F.M.R.

Solentiname est une coopérative d'arts vivants crée à Troyes en 2006 sous forme de scop.

Elle a pour objectifs la pratique, la création et la diffusion artistique dans une démarche sensible, ludique, militante et citoyenne. Une trentaine d'artistes participent à des créations de spectacles pluridisciplinaires: théâtre, danse, chant...

Parallèlement à ses créations artistiques, la compagnie a une activité d'organisme de formation et s'engage dans des projets avec des établissements ou structures scolaires, sociales et médicales (théâtre forum, prévention des addictions, interventions en soins palliatifs...

La Cantatrice Chauve d'Eugène Ionesco

canta fly middle copy.jpg

« La Cantatrice Chauve » rejoint plusieurs thématiques essentielles du parcours de mise en scène d'Augustin Bécard. Elle s'inscrit dans la continuité des recherches dramaturgiques entreprises avec sa création précédente "Comme en terre inconnue..."

Le théâtre est-il obligé de nous raconter une histoire? Ne peut-il être le simple reflet d'un certain rapport à l'émotion, un regard sensible sur notre rapport à la vie, à notre humanité, sans pour autant utiliser les ressorts classiques de la narration?
Ici, Ionesco nous offre une pièce métaphysique. Elle vient bousculer l'ensemble des codes théâtraux tout en jouant avec, et c'est précisément cette approche qui nous intéresse et nous interpelle.

Avec cette « Anti-Pièce », l'auteur nous livre son propre étonnement face au monde. Si nous retrouvons des personnages, une unité de temps et d'action, ce n'est plus la fable qui porte le spectateur, mais une mécanique subtile du langage et de l'action, complètement déconnectée de toute volonté de faire sens, ou de faire avancer une quelconque intrigue.

Dans ce théâtre « non psychologique », ce sont aussi et surtout les corps qui parlent et qui racontent. Nous œuvrons pour un théâtre physique, où des corps profondément engagés sont porteurs d'une dramaturgie. Ils sont les garants de cette mécanique théâtrale indispensable à l'approche de toute véritable comédie.  De plus, convaincu que d'un certain rapport à la musicalité nait l'émotion théâtrale, deux musiciens improvisateurs (guitare basse, cithare, chant...) sont présents sur scène aux côtés des comédiens.
Affirmant les rythmes et dynamiques de jeu, ils ont en charge la construction d'un univers sonore singulier en interaction directe avec les comédiens et la musicalité intrinsèque au texte de Ionesco.

L'ensemble du spectacle est pensé comme une partition musicale à part entière avec ses changements de rythme, ses ruptures et ses silences.

Faire une comédie à partir d'un regard sur le monde profondément tragique est sans doute ce qui fait la grande force de la pièce de Ionesco.
L'une des lignes dramaturgiques principales de notre spectacle surgit par la réunion sur le plateau d'éléments qui n'auraient à priori rien à faire ensemble. Il s'agit de chercher la poésie qui nait de la réunion d'univers différents, de se confronter à l'absurde et à l'insolite, mais aussi à l'onirisme ou au surréalisme. Pour exemple, cela peut se traduire par la rencontre de l'univers Punk britannique avec celui de la musique classique ou du chant lyrique. Une ode à l'incongruité.

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Comme en Terre Inconnue.jpg
Comme en Terre Inconnue 1.jpg

C.E.T.I. directed by Augustin Bécard La Cie Solentiname / F.M.R.

Comme en terre inconnue %c3%a0 Metz copy

theatre projects since 2000 ....

BOTTOM'S DREAM based on Midsummers Night Dream by W. Shakespeare - TITANIA - Footsbarn Travelling Theatre - directed by Paddy Hayter - tour / Ireland, France, Czech, Republic, England 2018 -2020

GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens, adapted by Hélène Géhin - CAST PLAY ALL CHARACTERS -

Cie Mamaille - directed by Laurent Fraunie - France 2019 ...

WE WILL RETURN IN THE SPRING based on The Cherry Orchard by A. Chekov  - LIUBOV - Kaimera Productions - directed by Simøn Hanukai - Hôtel de Sully, Paris 2019 ...

MINGLING WITH MOLIÈRE based on Le Mariage Forcé by Molière - DORIMÈNE, MASK, VILLAGER, GYPSY - Footsbarn Travelling Theatre - directed by Paddy Hayter - tour / Ireland, France, Czech Republic 2017 - 2020


Cinémorphe- directed by Erik Rehl - Irish Cultural Centre, Paris 2016

41⁄4 based on 8 1⁄2 by F. Fellini - LUISA ANSELMI - Cinémorphe - directed by Romilly W. Masters - Ciné 13 ,

Les Bains Douches, Paris. 2015

NEW The Improvised Musical- IMPROVISER, SINGER, DANCER - directed by Florian Bartsch.

Théâtre de Trévise et Essaion, MPAA St Germain, Paris 2013 - 2015

A MOTHER'S HEART by Romilly W. Masters - THE MOTHER - Cinémorphe - directed by Romilly W. Masters -

Irish Cultural Centre, Pop Up du Label, Paris. 2014/2016

DISTANT MUSIC based on The Dead, J. Joyce - GRETTA - Cinémorphe - directed by Romilly W. Masters -

Irish Cultural Centre, Paris 2013

THE BALD SOPRANO by E. Ionesco - MRS MARTIN - F.M.R. / Solentiname - directed by Augustin Bécard -

Tour / Avignon, France 2011-2013


F.M.R. / Solentiname - directed by Augustin Bécard - tour / France 2007-2008

RED NOSES - GWENDOLYN CLOWN - Red Noses Ensemble - directed by Giovanni Fusetti -

Nomad Theatre, Colorado, USA. 2005


directed byTony Weir -  Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney, Australia. 2004

BETWEEN SOUND AND SPACE by Sarah Barab - SUN - Centrifugue Ensemble - directed by Sarah Barab -

Berbersee Festival, Berlin, 2003

MASQUERADE - ONE WOMAN SHOW - directed by Regina Crowley - Triskel Arts Centre, Irl 2001

THE POSSIBLITIES by Howard Barker - THIRD WOMAN, THE YOUTH, WOMAN - directed by Regina Crowley -

Triskel Arts Centre, Irl 2001

GRIMM'S TALES - ASHPUTTEL, GRETEL - directed by Regina Crowley -  Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Irl. Futuroscope, Poitiers, France 2000

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